The 3 Biggest Characteristics of a Good Logo

Creating the perfect logo has to be one of the most important challenges that you need to face in the world of design. This applies no matter if the logo is being designed for a website, advertising, or a business card and people are often taken aback by the amount of thought that really should go into this apparently very simple process.

It is important for one to remember that the logo is going to be something that you are remembered by and it is going to effectively become your calling card. You only have to think of the Nike swoosh or the logo for BMW cars to know how the logo itself then becomes assimilated with the brand and becomes a sign for a certain type of product.

That being said, in order to create the perfect logo it does make sense for you to know what constitutes the biggest and most important characteristics of a good logo. By being aware of this, it should then make the process of designing something that bit easier although you do still need to have a creative brain to ultimately come up with a winner.

1. It is Memorable and Makes an Impact.

This is surely the biggest characteristic possible in that the logo has to be able to make an impact and the individual that sees it should find that it is easy to remember it. You want the logo to make a positive impression on the individual. You want it so that they can easily remember not only your company by simply viewing the logo but also what it then stands for.

Earlier on, we used the example of the BMW logo and if you stop and think about what that means to you when you view it then you get an idea of the point we are trying to make here. This logo stands out and people associate it with a quality vehicle that is made to high standards and as soon as people set eyes on the logo all of these positive attributes come into their mind.

This is only possible because the logo itself is easy to identify and there is no doubt that it does make an impact.

2. It is Versatile.

One area in logo design that has changed in recent times is that there is much more of a need for the logo to be versatile and we have to explain exactly what we mean by this.

A logo has to render well on any web device as well as any marketing material. It has to be able to be blown up to a larger size and shrunk down to something smaller and yet it must be legible and easy to identify at all times. The logo has to be flexible and able to be incorporated into different designs when it comes to marketing materials or websites as this is one thing that has to remain constant in its design.

3. It Must be Relevant.

The final characteristic of a logo that is extremely important is that the logo needs to be relevant to your business or whatever it is that you are doing. People must be able to link the logo to your business and be aware of what it represents. A logo that is unable to do this will be seen as confusing and largely pointless and who wants that to be the case?

This is why you have to think carefully about the reason for the logo in the first place. How is it fitting in with your entire marketing plan? How is it fitting in with your business? Relevance is more important than you think.

Now, there are so many other important factors and characteristics that anybody should take into consideration when it comes to designing a logo but at this point, we believe that the three noted above are perhaps the absolute key. There is no doubt that you should take some time in developing your logo as it is the one thing that everybody should then be able to associate with your business. A poor logo will only ever reflect poorly on your business and that is hardly the correct foot to set off on.

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