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8 Ways Info Product Creators Can Ensure Customer Success

Every info product developer hopes their customers can achieve a high level of success. Unfortunately, it is fairly predictable that limited numbers will actually complete the course and take the necessary action. In some cases, the purchase might have been an impulse buy, with the purchaser not having an immediate motivation to work at the course. However, there will be occasions where an identifiable factor is standing in the way of success. As the product creator, attempting to remove all obstacles and make the course as achievable as possible is in your interest, leading to increased positive reviews, testimonials, and subsequent sales. The following seven techniques can all be used to ensure success for the greatest numbers of product buyers.

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Create a Start Guide

A quick-start guide can be an underestimated part of an info product, particularly if there are various elements to the course. The start guide can detail the best way to approach the course and a procedure for gaining the best results. If the course doesn’t require a guide of this kind, you could still create an introductory video or manual to introduce new customers to the product and offer some encouragement.

Survey Customers

One of the best ways to understand your customers is to survey them. Asking direct questions can reveal issues with your product, general concerns, and roadblocks that prevent success. Most surveys throw up unexpected answers that prove more common than you might anticipate, so try to ignore any preconceived ideas you may have. Additionally, you could ask to call a select group of customers directly to gain a deeper understanding.

Study Success Stories

product creators - coupon codes
Adding customer support is a great way to keep customers happy.

As customers achieve success with your info product, it is likely you will receive a number of testimonials and responses. These positive messages are often used as part of a marketing campaign, but they can also shape the course as a whole. Your success stories can give an insight into the elements that worked, certain factors that weren’t effective, and a methodology that helped achieve success. These success stories can be implemented into the product as well as detailed for customers as a way to motivate them.

Maintain a Presence

Online info products can sometimes leave buyers feeling they are left alone to follow the process. People will often pay at a premium for personal coaching products, but they can be prohibitively expensive. It is possible, though, to maintain a presence without investing too much additional time. Sending an autoresponder email series can help customers feel supported, while occasional webinars could be used to answer any questions or concerns.

Add a Support Desk

Anyone highly committed to the product will usually have some questions. There will inevitably be some common questions that can be worked into the course. However, there will also be others questions that are less common. A support desk is a good way to ensure your customer service runs smoothly, while a knowledge database can help people get quick answers. Additionally, customer success software, such as Totango and Gainsight, can be used to proactively assist buyers.

Update Your Product

Creating info products is a great business opportunity, as you can automate many of the processes, but it is still important to update products to ensure customer success. Products can be updated as you learn from your customers, making sure the product answers common questions, has a workable process, and encourages taking action. Depending on the niche, you should also update the product with any relevant industry advancements, making sure to conduct regular reviews of pertinent information.

Build a Social Element

Many of your customers will be active on social media, so adding a social element can cater to these users. The most obvious step is to create a private Facebook group, limiting access to those who have purchased the product. A private group can foster a community atmosphere, encouraging members to interact and motivate each other towards success.

There is no way to ensure complete success for all your customers, regardless of your product quality and the niche you operate in. You can, however, adopt these techniques to reduce the chances of failure and assist your customers in all the areas they require it. Customers purchase products with the best intentions, but there can sometimes be hurdles that reduce motivation and drive to follow through with the course. By analyzing the problem areas, offering simple solutions, and assisting customers as they go through each stage of the course, it is possible to radically increase the number of customers achieving great success.